PMGPA Grand Champion!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted…we’ve been busy around the farm as well as fall sports. Baseball is over, soccer is over, swim team and swim lessons have begun. We’ve done the first cutting of hay and been busy with the goats.

This last weekend we went to Gratz, PA for the Pennsylvania Meat Goat Producers Association’s (PMGPA) ABGA Goat Double-Header & Youth Jackpot Market Goat Show.

This has been our best show so far. Our buck BMACK CHIEF walked away with OVERALL GRAND CHAMPION


We had other animals win 1st, 2nd, and 3rd’s in their respective classes and Greg & Lauren had fun showing too! Below are pictures of Lauren showing her goat “Purpureus” and Greg showing one of his wethers he’s been raising for the Clarke County Fair this summer.


We’re going to another show this weekend in West Virginia, the Mountain State Boer Goat Show, hopefully we’ll do as well there.


Not goat kids this week, human kids (and parents too). Starting last Friday afternoon and still continuing 9 days later, every member of the Shippa family has had a “version” of the flu. I say “version” because each of us had different symptoms or variants of symptoms. For example, Greg started with a cough that turned bad so Jody took him to the Dr. on Monday, they actually said he didn’t have the flu, but “croup” instead so he went on an antibiotic. Jody, on the other hand, had flu like symptoms, starting with a cough, then sore throat, then aches and pains, then congestion and cough again. I, on the other hand, was fine until Tuesday night. I woke up Wednesday morning with all of the symptoms and they hit at 100%, no ramp up, nothing. The aches and pains are gone, but now I’m fighting the sore throat and the congestion is just starting to hit. Lauren, Ben, & Ashley, had more of a cough and sniffles and were just tired throughout the day. Lauren has gone through a couple boxes of Kleenex herself. Her nose is all red and chapped from blowing it so much.

Thankfully, everyone is on the mend and doing much, much better.

2007 Christmas Letter

Dear family and friends,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope you are enjoying this holiday season and remembering our Saviors birth. I can’t believe that life gets so busy that I can’t keep in touch with all of you the way I’d like to. I wish I had the time to sit down and personally write a letter to each of you. I think of you often and thought I’d give you a brief up date on the Shippa family.

The Lord continues to bless us and provide for our needs. We were blessed to be able to build a barn this summer. It has been put to great use these past couple of weeks. We currently have about 50 goat babies, so if you are in the area stop by to see them, they are all so cute. We continue to farm as a family and enjoy our goats. We sent our first cow to slaughter and our freezer is filled with beef, pork, and goat off of the Shippa farm. We bought some dairy goats this summer and are enjoying drinking the milk. The goats are Swiss Oberhasli and their milk tastes very similar to cows milk.

Steve enjoys farming and wishes he could do it full time. He continues to run his own company, Witopia, which manages to meet our needs and he plays the role of our home school principal.

I continue to home school our kids. It’s a full time and challenging job but also rewarding. Ashley especially makes it a little extra challenging this year. We participate in two home school programs which both meet one day a week. Greg and Lauren’s favorite classes are Latin.

Greg is in the 4th grade and will turn 10 on January 21st. Wow, the double digits. He enjoys sports and played baseball in the spring, swam on the swim team for the summer, played football this fall, and is currently wrestling and getting ready for snowboarding this winter. He plays the piano and participates in 4-H. He showed a pig and 3 goats in our county fair this summer and caught another pig in the pig scramble.

Lauren turned 7 in November and is in the first grade. She played t-ball in the spring, swam on the swim team for her first summer, and played soccer this fall. She also plays the piano and sings in the kids choir at church. She decided to follow in her brothers footsteps and caught a pig in the pig scramble this summer too.

Ben is 5 and is in kindergarten. He is always anxious to do his math papers. He enjoyed his first season playing soccer. He really loved it and was great on the soccer field. Ben showed his bunny in the fair and was so very proud of Oreo’s blue ribbon. No pig catching for Ben yet, he wasn’t old enough, but we’ll see if he can keep up the family tradition this summer.

Ashley is 18 months and keeps us on our toes. She likes to get in to everything as most 18 month olds do. She is a really delightful baby and a joy to our family. All the kids are such great brothers and sister to her. Her biggest adventure this year was when she fell out our neighbors window on the 4th of July. It was rather a big scare, but the Lord had his hand upon her and angels were there to catch her at the bottom. She was absolutely fine and a reminder of why I daily pray for protection for my children.

I pray that you would grow in the grace and knowledge of our Savior this coming year. I truly miss you all dearly and hope I can see you or at least talk to you in the coming year. May Gods blessing fall upon you.

My love and prayers, and Merry Christmas, Jody, for the Shippa family.